Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tips to Spend Less on Student Accommodation

Student accommodation doesn’t come cheap in almost every state. Rooms and apartments sometimes come with very hefty price tags that most students find it impossible to manage. But before you decide to book a room at a certain spot in campus, make sure you research the housing options available first. Know what the price range is to reduce your chances of paying more. And on top of that, take advantage of the following tips to save on student accommodation.

Rooms with fewer amenities
Accommodation options will have varying prices mainly because of the amenities being offered. If your budget is very tight then consider looking for apartments or rooms with fewer amenities. You don’t need to stay in an apartment that has a gym and sauna. You can also opt for an apartment that doesn’t include a meal plan in order to pay less. Another option is to consider student apartments which are situated farther away from campus because most of them cost a little lower.

Get a roommate
Having a roommate can help you to share the expenses involved with renting an apartment. You can even afford to stay in an apartment that is close to campus and has more amenities if you get a roommate. However, choose a roommate carefully. If you live with someone who will hold parties and end up destroying furniture and fixtures, remember that you’ll both have to pay for them.

Negotiate rent
A good way to pay less on student accommodation is to negotiate with the landlord in order to pay less. When inspecting the room, look out for areas that could be damaged or any other points which you can use to negotiate a much lower deal. Remember to start looking for accommodation early when the prices are still low. When everyone else opens school, it’s going to be difficult for you to negotiate a lower price.

Living at home
For those who can manage to live at home and drive to campus every day, this can be a huge cost saving measure. Staying at home has its perks among them missing out on the experience of being independent. It may feel like you are reliving high school since your parents still have to take care of you. However, it’s a great way to save on costs for those who don’t mind.

Look for accommodation outside student area
You’ll find neighborhoods which may be close to campus but don’t have many students. Some of these areas are actually cheaper to rent. Sometimes areas which attract so many students can be expensive because the landlords know their properties are in high demand. Look for a different area to stay even if it may mean you’ll have to commute every day to school. But make sure you don’t spend more money on transport in the long run.

Also remember to read the contract carefully before signing. Sometimes your parents will be asked to act as your guarantors so that if anything goes wrong, they can accept the financial or legal responsibility.

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