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Apartments: Why They Are So Good And How To Find The Best

Apartments: Why They Are So Good And How To Find The Best

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) the estimated total accommodation takings

in motels, hotels and serviced apartments that have 15 or more rooms rose by 0.3% to $2,260.8
million in the June quarter 2013, compared to the March quarter 2013. This shows a rising demand
for such forms of accommodation. However, apartments are uniquely different from motels and

Why Apartments Are So Good Compared To Hotels And Motels

The ABS indicates clear differences between the occupancy rates of serviced apartments at 63.8% in

the March quarter 2013, which was higher than motels at 54.9%, but only slightly lower than hotels
at 67.7%. This shows a preference for serviced apartments that also boasts many features not found
in hotels.

Unlike hotels, apartments offer a homely environment with peace and quiet. Moreover, people don't

want to pay too much money in booking rooms within extravagant hotels. Such reasons contribute to
the flourishing of serviced apartments.

Visitors can expect to enjoy tastefully furnished rooms with all the modern amenities. You'll have

various rooms including a living area, bedroom and kitchen. Such rooms are well furnished with a
wide variety of features including: bathrooms with geysers, comfortable beds, CD and DVD players,
LCD television, cooking range, microwave oven and refrigerator. Gymnasiums, spas, swimming pools
and children play areas are also available. Not only that, such accommodation is comparatively
cheaper than extravagant hotels, yet providing similar housekeeping services.

Spacious apartments offer you ample freedom with a choice between 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms. This helps

to economize, since you can stay together in a group at lower cost. Most of all, your little group
can explore and enjoy together since most premises have quick access to tourist attractions such
as theatres, the harbor, museums, beaches and malls. One such attraction is the world famous
beach. A number of serviced apartments are found right on this beach.

Although economical, this accommodation doesn't economize on hospitality and comfort. A key

attraction is the privacy and peace which would not be found in a hotel room. This is quite good
for business trips or family vacations.

Finding Good Serviced Apartments

Before booking, you must ensure to conduct a thorough research on the available options. Only by

doing this can you be guaranteed of making your business trip or holiday truly memorable.

One resource to utilize for your research is the internet. Various reputable websites provide

ample information that you will need. You can also find useful details in classifieds and
magazines. Make sure to read all the relevant information and understand all terms and conditions
before booking.

Clients' testimonials are another key resource that gives you a better perspective of what to

expect. They contain real experiences of past clients. Such testimonials will help determine the
level of facilities and services offered. This information is particularly helpful in judging
customer satisfaction in each establishment.

Once you have gone through all the options, you can then narrow down to 5 or 6 service providers.

You then need to contact them and inquire about their quotes, as well as further details
concerning their facilities. This is a critical point, whereby you must ask as many questions as
you need before signing any contract.


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