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Are You a New Student & Need a Place to Stay?

Student Housing
Your college life is about to begin, your step into adulthood and responsibilities. Op top you are having plans of staying out of campus. Before you choose the apartment, you should know what to look for. Planning on doing a student housing then you should be aware of these facts. For one, student housing costs much less compared to staying in the dorms. It is preferred if you choose a local landlord instead of an agency as agencies charge extra and landlords are easier to contact in need of any issue/repair.

Before you chose your student housing premises make sure to inspect the house thoroughly. Make sure all bills are paid and eventually you will be entering housekeeping so begin from the university itself by paying your bills. Make sure you take an inventory report of the apartment so you can evaluate the condition of the house.  Lastly, make sure your parents are the guarantors in the contract. Negotiate in paying the yearly month upfront and getting discount in the rent.  Do remember to note down the meter readings on the day you enter, so you do not end up paying any previous electric bills.

Apartments for Rent
The splurge behind students going to stay in Apartments for rent is amazing. It shows how budget conscious our students are. It was in the college fall of 2013 that students saw how their families went into debts to pay for their stays in the college dorms. In fact, 69% of students agree that staying in apartments for rent is much cheaper compared to staying in the dorms.

The college student wants full concession of their money, hence; getting the right amenity is a must. For example, storage or a pool or a fitness center nearby can be the bargaining factor for renting an apartment. 

Some tips to help you out:
•             Begin searching before you have to enroll into your college

•             Visit at least more than three apartments to get the best deal

•             Make a checklist of your priorities you want in your apartment

•             Examine the building carefully, after all you are to stay here throughout your semesters

•             Read the lease papers carefully before signing

Student Living
If you are planning on living off campus then, student living is your answer. Modern and comfy en suites are available nearby colleges for students to choose from. Obvious you have to find your student living before you enroll into college and matter of fact some days before so you can settle in. In private sectors students tend to look out for:
•             Self-confined flats or a single house if with a group of students

•             Id individual then a studio and if a couple then a one-bedroom set

•             A single room with other students

•             A single room with another family/landlord

•             A room in a private hall not run by the university

Some students can also have other requirements to be dealt with apart from just studying. Some of the common issues are:
•             Furnished apartments: Students from outside the country have this issue, hence; furnished apartments are a better choice especially with kitchen ware

•             A 9-month contract: Undergraduate students prefer a 9-month contract as taking the apartment on a year contract is a waste of money

•             Allow conversion of the living room to bedroom: Some students ask co-students to live along and share the rent, hence; many landlords allow this option

•             Study desks: Possible provision of study desks in the bedrooms

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