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5 Tips to Have Fun Living off Campus

Most people think that living off campus is a terrible idea especially when they are just joining the institution. But truth be told, students who live off campus have the best experiences and it doesn’t mean that they always score the least grades. Living off campus can be a fun and rewarding experience but you must learn to manage your time well so that you don’t skimp on your studies. Here are some amazing tips to take you through life off-campus.

1.     Choose the apartments wisely
Don’t just rush to sign a lease before you inspect the apartments you’ll soon call home. Sometimes you might be tempted to rush and sign up for an apartment because of financial necessities but there are things it’s never worth compromising on. First, you need to make sure that a home inspection is done before you get in so that you don’t end up paying for pre-existing damages. Also make sure you get an agreement in writing that stipulates the rules for giving a notice and moving out.

2.     Choose a suitable location
Check to confirm that the off-campus apartments will be easily accessible during the times when you’ll be rushing for class. There are areas which are known for crazy traffic jams. The last thing you want is getting stuck in traffic every day and arriving to class late.

3.     Check the state of the apartments
Students apartments are usually well maintained because landlords are faced with high competition but you should always visit the apartment to check for yourself. Make sure that all the appliances in the apartment are in good working condition and that the gas and electricity is connected and functional. You must also check the paint to make sure it’s in proper condition. Bathroom fixtures need to be working properly too. Make sure you check all the areas and take note of signs of water damage or mold.

4.     Consider security
There are certainly areas off campus that are known to be insecure. We’d suggest you tick them off your list when shopping for a location. You can’t compromise on your security even if the rental fee is extremely low. Consider the times when you’ll be coming late from class and going home when it’s dark. If possible, look for rental apartments that have many students living in it. Don’t just look for a private family home because chances are that it’s going to be expensive and far from school.

5.     Ask around

It’s always good to talk to other students concerning an off-campus apartment before you sign the lease. This will give you an idea of the kind of service you’ll expect from that area. Some apartments have a bad reputation for being too noisy so you won’t have the peace to carry on with your studies. Look out for an apartment that is in a good neighborhood and has a reputation for treating students well. Your choice of accommodation will affect your life and overall experience in campus.

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

What Do You Need to Bring to College?

Many freshman wonder what things do I need to bring to college? As that thrilling moment comes closer for you to commence your higher education, there is a huge possibility you will need quite a few new belongings for your college apartment. Whether you have already got a checklist or are just even commencing that checklist. It is still really possible to forget about several things. Below I have supplied you with a summary of products for an institution of higher learning. The below materials I have either bought, taken into consideration buying, or recommend you get to help make your college life comfortable. Now just about every institution of higher learning differs on what you may require and some academic institutions could very well give you some of these items. You should seek the advice of your college housing on precisely what those items are if you are uncertain. Make sure you only bring along the things you would actually make use of. Keeping that in mind, here is a brief checklist to help you come up with some ideas.
Items For The Dorm Or What Is Now Your Home
There is no place just like home! Allow me to share a few items certain to help make your very own dorm much more feel like home. I suggest a memory foam mattress pad due to the fact that nearly all dorm beds are unpleasant. I am unsure if dorm beds should even really be called mattresses. I used a memory foam mattress pad and can assure it will grant you noticeably better night time sleep.
- Memory Foam Mattress pad
- Bed sheets. Most colleges use extra long sheets, make sure your sheets are "Extra Long Twin".
- Blankets
- Extra blankets (you never know when they could be handy)
- Hangers to put all of your clothes on
More then likely you are doing fine with clothes and be taking all your own clothing along with you. Be sure you keep in mind how the climate is of where you are going to college or university. I am going to university where it snows often so I had to purchase some good toasty warm snow gear. With that in mind here is the list of clothing things to be certain to have.
- Pants and shorts
- Belts
- T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts
- Sweatshirts
- Sportswear
- Swim wear
- Pajamas
- Underwear
- Plenty of socks
- Formal outfit (You will never know when you will need it!)
- Rain gear Or Snow gear (Depending on where you are attending)
Electronics For Your Dorm
Electronics can be an awesome ice breaker for making some different pals. From class work, to tossing some awesome parties, or perhaps just for recreation they are a part of everyday life at your university. So when you move into your dorm be sure you bring all of your electronics along with you!
- Computer (Desktop or Laptop or both)
- Camera
- iPod
- An iHome and/or a stereo
- Alarm clock
- Power strip with a surge protector
Bathroom Items
I would like to think I would not need to stress the relevance of good hygiene similar to a parent. However I have heard incidents, seen, and even smelt (not by choice) some dirty appearing students on campus. So PLEASE be sure to look after your self! This is really directed much more towards the boys then the gals. Here are a few things you do not want to go without through the course of your very own school career.
- 3 to 4 Towels
- Shampoo
- Conditioner
- Body wash
- Soap
- Deodorant
- Toothbrush, toothpaste
- Floss
- Mouthwash
Laundry Goods
Though it is my least favorite task, it has to be done! It is my opinion it truly is fairly safe to say that simply no student would like the smell or feel of grimy clothes. For that reason do oneself and everyone else an act of kindness at your university by being sure you have some laundry materials!
- Laundry detergent
- Laundry basket or Laundry bag
- Fabric softener (either liquid or dryer sheets work)
- Bleach (color safe may be a good idea)
- An iron
- Mini ironing board
University Materials
Below I have highly recommended a number of straightforward materials you should have along with you on the first day of your classes. It really is safe to say everyone's studies are likely to be completely different. I would counsel you to check out your courses with the materials found below. Then find out the rest of the items you will need once you have been to your classes.
- Backpack
- Textbooks
- Pens
- Pencils (I prefer mechanical pencils)
- Lead for your mechanical pencil or pencil sharpener
- College ruled paper
- Notebooks and/or binders

There is the list that includes what to bring to college []. Where one can get a hold of a full list and product guides on items that are essential for university or college life. I personally have purchased a large number of these materials on this checklist and they have really helped make my university career less difficult. I am able to promise they will do the same for you! Thanks for viewing and I wish you the best in planning for your own university or college experience.
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