Tuesday, July 12, 2016

10 Things to Take With You When Leaving Home for College

When it’s time to drive off to college, you know you’re about to start a new chapter in life. The thought of starting things afresh in a strange place with people you’ve never met can be overwhelming. But like they always say, your best years of life will probably be in college. You should have a lot to look forward to. To help you settle down a little faster, make sure you carry the following essential things.

1.      Hangers: Most college apartments do not provide this. Be sure to carry a few of them from home to save you the cost of buying new ones.

2.      Bedding: You may need to carry a duvet, some sets of bed-sheets and pillow cases. Before you buy any of these items, or carry the ones you have at home, make sure you confirm they will not be provided. Additional pillows and blankets will always come in handy though. Carrying your mattress cover is usually a good idea because you never know who was using the bed before you.

3.      Cleaning products: You need to be prepared to clean your own room at least once in a while. Most colleges have cleaners but they don’t get inside the rooms to clean up. You can carry a few cleaning products like your washing up liquid and a sponge just in case you’ll need them.

4.      Your bathroom essentials: These include toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, hair straighteners, dryers, medicine and a first aid kit. You need to think of all the bathroom essentials you need to carry when leaving to college. Remember to carry your bath towels as well and a small laundry bag which will help you to remain organized and carry your laundry to the washroom.

5.      Your favorite books: If you love reading, go over your bookshelf and pick some books you can carry to college. You’ll probably have lots of time to do some reading especially on the first days of campus when everyone is settling in. 

6.      Kitchen essentials: Most colleges have shared kitchen spaces so you might want to bring your cutlery such as chopping board, grater, baking tray, tea towels, your own glasses and mugs.

7.      Diary: You’ll need to pen down your experience in campus so don’t leave your diary behind. You can even get a new one to start over this exciting chapter of your life. 

8.      Electronics: Don’t expect your college room to have as many plugs so carry an extension cord. Chargers for your phone and laptop, USBs and any other external hard drive you might have may also come in handy.

9.      Necessary documents: Don’t forget your passport, medical insurance card and any other documents you might need. If you have any confirmation letters from the school, make sure you carry them as well. Carry your driving license or any other kind of personal identification document you might need.

10.  Medicine: If you are on any kind of medication, be sure to carry enough doses to last you several days. Some painkillers and cold remedies will also come in handy in case you catch a headache or flu.

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