Thursday, January 15, 2015

Back to School College List - 5 Must Haves For College Living

If this is the year that back to school means sending your baby to college for the first or last time, or some year in between, you surely continue to be on the look out for those things that will help your child have the best experience possible - both academically and health wise.
There are an endless number of things that you can send with your student, but sending these 5 items can have a wonderfully positive effect on the success your student will experience this year!
Wireless Handheld Devices - Even though leaving for college space (both physically and figuratively) between you and your child, a phone for calls and text messaging, a Blackberry, a laptop, or all of the above make it easy and more likely that you will keep in reasonable contact with your child.
These are all also good in emergencies that may arise far away from the usual sources of help. Most of these devices have GPS (global positioning system) embedded so that locating them can be done quickly and accurately should your child become stranded in a really remote location.
Compact Refrigerator - Many companies now rent these by the semester or school year which means enjoying the convenience without having to transport it back and forth between home and school. Refrigeration makes it easy for your student to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables, and healthier alternatives to sodas that are often high in sugar, salt, and other additives. 
Over the Counter Medication and Toiletries - Having a small supply of medications on hand for minor problems such as headaches, stomach upset, cuts, scrapes, burns, congestion, colds and coughs can help take care of problems while they're small. A thermometer, either old fashioned or high tech is a good thing to have handy as well. Having these items on hand is always more convenient and often less expensive.
Desk and Supplies - Check to determine whether a desk and chair are provided in the room. If not, ask for the size of the space to insure that the desk you choose will fit. Send the usual supplies such as a printer, paper, stapler, staples, pens, markers, and highlighters to insure a well prepared student.  A lamp that provides light on the desk but does not light the entire room will go a long way towards changing a roommate to a friend.
Housekeeping Items - At least 2 sets of bed linens, blankets, rugs, curtains, posters and wall art, TV, DVD player, radio alarm clock will make for a seamless adjustment to college life.
One of the most important items every college dorm room should have is an air purifier. With the increase of number of people college students are exposed to, the number of viruses and germs that are airborne and available for inhalation and/or ingestion are staggering.
With the ongoing threat of viruses like Swine Flu (H1N1), removing airborne pollutants to which many viruses attach to in the air is a proactive way to increase your student's chances of staying healthy. offers an excellent air purifier for the college dorm room to increase your student's chances of staying healthy-- the Dorm Room Air Purifier See it now at
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