Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Apartment Hunting Guide for College Students

Transitioning from living at your parents’ home to a college campus is often associated with difficulties. However, finding the right apartment always makes the transition easier.

Know what you want

Deciding on what kind of living arrangement you want is the first that gets the wheel rolling in the right direction. Do you want to live in hostels or far from campus? The latter can be a tad expensive but offers more freedom.


Convenience to the campus is a prime factor you have to give priority when hunting for apartments. The nearer the apartment is to the campus the better. This will save you money which would otherwise have been spent in commuting. An apartment close to campus will also ensure you get to class on time.


Being mugged is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. In addition to the trauma, you will lose your valuables which include your laptop which may be containing all your research work. The security of the location you wish to rent or buy an apartment should be good. It should be a location you will not be frightened to walk home after your evening classes.


When in college, the more money you are able to save the better. It does not matter how much money your parents give you for your accommodation needs, you must always strive to save as much of it as possible. The fastest way of doing this is to shop around for affordable apartments. Instead of renting an expensive apartment because it has a swimming pool, you can always rent a cheaper one with no swimming pool then find a public swimming pool. This will be more affordable.

Secondly, to save money, find a house close enough to bike or walk to campus. An apartment situated along a bus route will also be great. It will reduce auto expenses. Pick an apartment that is also close to the grocery or a convenience store; buying food at a convenience store is always cheaper than eating out.

Inspect the house

Today, it is possible rent an apartment from the comfort of your home through the Internet. However, as much as this is appealing, it is not the best option. Before signing the lease, take time to inspect the apartment thoroughly. You will be amazed by how exaggerated the photos you saw online were. During the inspection, document all the flaws and damages and ensure they are written on the lease agreement. By so doing, when moving out, the landlord will not be able to charge you for decade old damages.

Search for incentives

To keep up with the competition, most landlords offer incentives to attract more tenants. The common incentives include free utilities or a rent free month. Making use of such incentives will save you money.

Apartment hunting for college is not something you should be in a hurry to do away with. Start your search early and take your time. Compare different houses and do not be afraid to negotiate for a lower rent.

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