Saturday, February 14, 2015

Renting your First Student Apartment

As a first time campus student, you still have a lot to learn. One of the most intriguing experiences you’ll encounter while preparing for your stay in campus is renting an apartment. First, you’ll have to do some serious apartment-hunting to find a nice place to settle down. Depending on your needs, finding a suitable student apartment can be easy or tough. It’s nice to find a place near your school, one that you feel safe and can afford. Here are a couple of tips that will help you in your search.

Set a reasonable budget
Student apartments can be pretty cheap or very expensive depending on the neighborhood, size, proximity, amenities and many other factors. You need to start by setting your budget and know what you can afford. As soon as you set your budget, avoid viewing apartments that are beyond this price range unless you are looking to book the apartment with a roommate.

Look for a roommate
During the first semester or year, living with a roommate may be a very smart idea because it will help you to cut costs. But this presents another issue of finding the perfect roommates. You’ll need to do some thorough screening. Being roommates with your close friends may not always work out if there’s no mutual respect. Find people who are responsible and ready to handle the cost, chores and other issues when you live together.

Ask the right questions
Before you sign any document, make sure you know all the details about the student apartment you are about to book. For instance, find out if there is a possible rent increase so that you can plan ahead. Will you be paying an extra amount for things like electricity, heat and cable? Don’t assume that these simple utilities are free just because the rent is high. Even though most highly priced student apartments include utilities, just make sure you confirm.

Be ready to make payments
In many competitive markets, student rentals move very quickly. That’s why you need to have the money to pay for security deposit and the first and last month’s rent when you are house hunting. You will be expected to make these payments in full so have them ready if you are serious about renting an apartment.

Work with a broker
It’s going to be tough for you to find a suitable student apartment if you don’t work with a broker. A broker will basically take you to view some of the apartments that are within your budget and specifications making it easy for you to secure a place within the shortest amount of time. If you are looking for an apartment when everyone else is going back to school then make sure you contact the broker early enough. Remember that they are likely to charge you a certain fee so include it when deciding on the budget. Don’t just factor in the monthly rent because there are all these expenses which need to be catered for. 

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