Friday, March 18, 2016

Questions to Ask Before Booking a College Apartment

Students all over the country experience their fair share of accommodation nightmares when they attend college. Most students will settle for apartments that offer poor living conditions because there are limited options and most properties are in very high demand. To save yourself from the frustration of finding student accommodation, you need to start house hunting early enough. We’ve rounded up a few questions to ask prior to booking a college apartment for yourself or with a group of friends.

Any rules you should be aware of?
You need to know what the rules are before signing the contract. There are even apartments that do not allow access to certain areas in the building. House parties may not be allowed in the apartment. Failing to know the rules may land you in trouble so make sure you ask before signing up.

Are there any additional expenses?
When you live in a college apartment, you may have to pay an extra amount for other services such as laundry. Though this is not included in your rental fee, you may be charged at the end of each month. You need to find out from the landlord what other additional expenses you should budget for.

How fast are repairs handled?
What would happen if you have a repair issue that needs to be handled fast? Find out if the apartment has a reliable maintenance and repairs schedule. You can ask other students living in the same apartment to share their experiences when it comes to issues such as repairs. If the management takes too long to handle simple repairs and rarely performs the necessary maintenance work, it’s best to look elsewhere.

Are pets allowed?
Some college apartments do not allow pets. Some will charge an additional fee to tenants who have pets. The fee may vary depending on the pet you have. Make sure you ask beforehand to avoid any disappointments.

 Does the apartment have air conditioning?
Find out if the apartment is air conditioned and if the units are serviced on a regular basis to ensure they function effectively. You can ask residents of the apartment to share their opinion on this.

Is parking available?
If you’ll bring your own car, it’s good to find out if the apartment has parking available for residents and guests. Will you have to pay an extra fee for parking or security? Get these details as well.

How safe and convenient is the location?
It’s important to find out the crime statistics of an area before you rent out an apartment. You can do this by contacting the local police department for information on the area’s security. They are likely to recommend whether the place is safe for students.

Most importantly, take your time to read the lease before you sign. Get someone to help you understand the details and don’t be afraid to ask for clarifications. Do not allow the realtor or landlord to rush you into signing a rental agreement when you’re not ready. Always trust your instincts and choose an apartment that you like.

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