Wednesday, October 28, 2015

7 Things to Check When Viewing a Student Apartment

If you are planning on renting a student apartment, you need to take your time to choose wisely. Start by understanding your budget and needs so that you can find something that is comfortable for everyone especially if you are planning on having a roommate. Most importantly, look out for the following when viewing an apartment.

1.     Check the walls and ceilings for any signs of dampness. You will see patches of black mold forming especially on the cardboard ceiling. Make sure you look for signs of water damage in other areas like the wardrobes. The dampness can cause diseases and needs to be addressed before you move in.  
2.     You also need to look out for signs of pests’ infestation. Students can be really messy and you may end up in an apartment that was used to having piles of trash and hence has rodents and cockroaches all over. Make sure they do something about these nasty invaders before you move in.

3.     Consider the location of the student apartment. An apartment that is close to the bus stop or your university is most convenient. Some of the nicest homes for students may not be situated very close to campus so you’ll have to spend a lot of time and money commuting. Consider what’s more important for you: a nice looking apartment or one that is close to school?

4.     Make sure there is adequate supply of water to the apartment. During viewing, make sure you turn on the taps to see if the water comes out with adequate pressure. You might also want to check the toilet and bathroom to ensure there are no water issues. 

5.     The other import thing to check when viewing the student apartment is the security. The construction of the house itself shouldn’t compromise on your safety. Check whether the apartment has alarm systems, safe doors and window locks. If you have any concerns in regards to security, communicate it to the landlord and find out what measures they have put in place to make the apartments safer for students. You may also consider speaking to a few people in the community around to find out how secure the area is.

6.     Check the electrical components to ensure that you are not at risk of safety hazards. You don’t need to be an expert to tell if a building has basic wiring issues. If you see hanging electrical wires, loose cables or poorly installed plug sockets, they should be a cause for concern. If the apartment has appliances, make sure the size and type present will work for you.

Proper insulation is also very critical in any apartment you choose. Look for features such as double gazed windows and a reliable heating system. Check out the exterior of the building as well and inspect the roof to see if there are any signs of missing tiles or poor flashing. These roofing issues may present insulation problems. 

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