Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Reasons to Live Outside Campus During College

Apart from the learning experience college offers you in class, you also get to learn a lot about life and independence during this time. You have the clear choice of staying in the college dorms or staying in off campus accommodation. Here is a couple of reason why you should choose off campus accommodation:

Good food
Let’s face it, campus dorm kitchen meals are far from gourmet. It will take you about a week before you realize you cannot do this every day. When you live off campus, you have access to your own kitchen where you can let your inner home make out. You can enjoy well-cooked meals to your standards without being rushed by a long cue of hungry students. If you are not the cooking type, you may find yourself living close to a number of nice restaurants where you can enjoy some good food with a friend or treating yourself on a night out.

Campus dorms are often supervised by RAs or you may even find yourself with an incompatible roommate, which will never happen in off campus accommodation. Even when living in shared apartments, you get to choose whom you live with and you can go as far as holding interviews before you decide who to share the space with. This gives you the freedom to be yourself, to live comfortably without interruptions and distractions form other people. Those who have lived off campus can attest that it is a truly liberating experience.

Campus education will teach you all about how to differentiate an equation or draft a polynomial formula but when it comes to life experience, you have to rough it out on your own. One of the best ways to start learning the adult way of living is by staying out off campus. You get the ideal opportunity of being an adult. You learn how to pay bills, how to manage your budget, cooking and cleaning for yourself. At the end of campus, you will have way more life experience than students living in campus hostels with no responsibility to learn from whatsoever. It is a welcoming experience into the real world and within no time, you will have adapted to the pressures of work and life once you are through with campus.

You get time to be alone
Campus hostels are often crowded and if you have a clingy roommate, you may never get a minute to yourself. When you have a designated area that is all yours, it is much easier to have some time alone to study, meditate or even rest without any disturbances. College can be quite stressful and sometimes you just need some time away from the frat boys and sorority girls to take a breather and get a clearer picture of life. You may find yourself more productive within your own space than trying to get work done in a noisy college dorm or a crowded library. Something you cannot get when living in campus.

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